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Synthétiseur HAMMOND XK-3C

The New Hammond XK-3c will follow in the hugely successful footsteps of its predecessor, the Award Winning Hammond XK-3. The Hammond XK-3 has become the definitive must have keyboard for most players around the world who demand nothing but the best. After all there is only One authentic HAMMOND Organ and only HAMMOND delivers THAT Sound !
Derived from same technology as the already legendary New B-3,
now a portable drawbar keyboard with digital tone-wheels

This new instrument does what has never been done before - offering you the classic tone-wheel sound by utilizing 96-DIGITAL TONE WHEELS! This new VASE III sound generator now makes it possible to reproduce all of the characteristics of the vintage Hammond B-3. Additionally, the Hammond XK-3 houses two INTERNAL VACUUM TUBES that will change continuously from PRE-AMP MODE to OVERDRIVE MODE via control knob. But wait! The new Hammond XK-3 also includes 12 REVERSE COLOUR KEY PRESETS, 3 SETS OF DRAWBARS, A 2-ROTOR DIGITAL LESLIE, AND a 6 -POSITION ROTARY VIBRATO/CHORUS KNOB, all the features you would expect to find on a Hammond Vintage B-3


Sound Generator
• 2x Vase III Digital Tonewheel

• 73 keys (61 +12 preset keys), Waterfall with velocity

Harmonic Drawbars
• Upper
9 pitches, B type/Mellow/Bright
• Lower
9 Pitches
• Pedal
2 Pitches, Muted/Normal/Synth.

• Tabs
Second On, Third On, Fast Decay, Soft

• Master
430 - 450 1 Hz steps
• Transpose
-6 -0 +6 semitones


•Internal Leslie
On, fast, Brake. Digital, 2 rotor.

• Vibrato and Chorus
V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3
Upper & Lower On/Off
Speed: 5 (6, 10 -7.25Hz)
• Pre-amp
Preamp On, Overdrive
Vacuum tube amplifier
• Equalizer
3 bands
• Reverb
10 Programs
• Sustain
5 Lengths (Pedal)

Internal Zone
• Tabs
Manual Bass
• Adjustable
Map Low, High
Split Point
Lower Octave
Pedal Top Key

Combination presets
• 12 Banks x 11 Presets + adjust B
Switchable: Link/Independant

• Switches
Power On / Off
•Rotary Controllers
Master Volume
Tube Overdrive
Pitch Bend

•20 characters, 2 lines with 9 control switches and Rotary encoder.

• CompactFlash card slot

•Template: 3 Modes, Zoned 3 Parts and Keyboard Channel

• AC inlet
• MIDI In 1, In 2, Out
• Expression Pedal 1, 2
• Foot Switch 1,
• Effects Send, Return
• Line Out L/Mono, R,
• Headphone
• 11 Pin leslie

• 119(W) x 40(D) x 12 (H) cm

• 19.5kg

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EAN : 4939334667831

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